Unsecured Loans

An unsecured loan — also called a signature loan or personal loan — is a great option with a variety of purposes and doesn’t require any collateral to borrow against. If you would like to consolidate debt, consider using an unsecured loan to combine everything into one loan with a low monthly payment.

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Benefits of an Unsecured Loan from Bank of Utah:

  • Pre-approvals within one business day
  • Low fees
  • Multiple term options are available, up to 48 months

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do I need to apply for an unsecured loan in person or can I apply from home or my phone?
    We have both options! You can apply at home or on the go using our convenient online application: Apply for an Unsecured Loan. Of course, you can always come into any Bank of Utah branch location to apply for an unsecured loan. Find a Bank of Utah Location

  • My original loan has a high interest rate; should I refinance my unsecured loan?
    Yes. Just like a house, if current loan rates are lower than the existing interest rate on your loan, we can help you with a refinance.