Personal Savings Accounts

Whether you’re saving for big purchases, retirement funds or emergencies, Bank of Utah has a variety of accounts to meet your financial goals.

Our featured savings account, the iSave, can be opened safely online – in as few as 5 minutes.

Featured Savings Account

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• Open with $100.
• Start earning interest at $500.
• Maintain higher balances, earn higher interest rates.
• Watch your money grow.

Open an Account

Great Features Come Standard

Bank Personally and Digitally

With a combination of in-branch services and convenient online and mobile tools

Earn Interest

With varying rates to work toward your various savings and financial goals

Make Mobile Deposits

With the snap of your camera on your mobile device or tablet

View Your Savings Trends

With My Money Hub, an online banking tool that can help you budget, organize and manage all your finances

Save Money Automatically

With recurring transfers that you can set up to directly move money from your checking to your savings/money market accounts

Go Paperless and Get Peace of Mind

With e-statements, which are kept on file for 7 years and are free to access if you need them

Our Full Lineup