Personal Savings and Money Market Accounts

Whether you’re looking to save for the short or long term, to teach your child how to save for the future, or to start a retirement fund, Bank of Utah has a variety of accounts to help you meet your goals, including one you can open online, in under 5 minutes.

All of our savings accounts come with the following services:

Compare the features and benefits of each account below, then choose the account that's right for you!

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The iSave account is your opportunity to set money aside for a specific goal or for an emergency fund. You can easily open an account online, with as little as $100.

I458 regular savings

Regular Savings

The Regular Savings account is a simple account that offers daily compounding interest which is credited to your account quarterly. This account is designed to start building cash reserves with a smaller balance.

I458 regular savings for children

Regular Savings for Children

Our Regular Savings for Children account encourages those under 18 years old to learn about personal finance. With an initial deposit of $10, minors are set to gain valuable early money-management experience.

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Insured Money Market

An Insured Money Market account is a savings account with a tiered rate, so the more money you save the higher the interest rate you will earn!

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Premier Gold Money Market

The Premier Gold Money Market account is our best savings account, offering the highest rate. This account is available to customers that have Premier Gold Checking and at least two other bank services.