Online Banking's Personal Finance Management (My Money Hub)

Get a financial snapshot of all your accounts at Bank of Utah and other financial institutions — including checking, savings, loans, reward points and retirement accounts — in one convenient screen.

  • Create a summary of your complete financial picture with your normal online banking credentials; one web site, one password, one convenient screen!
  • Securely access your balance and history from more than 3,000 financial institutions.
  • Tally your rewards points from reward and mileage programs.

Using My Money Hub:

Log in to online banking and click on the "Link Account" banner on the main page.

Add Accounts:

Your Bank of Utah accounts will automatically be added for you. To add other accounts, click "Link Account" on the main page. In order for the system to connect with the external financial institution, you will need to provide the online account user ID and password for that institution. You can only add accounts in the finance center database (more than 10,000 accounts available).